Not your everyday western saddles.
We’re not here to make a lot of them, we’re here make ones that last.


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Jeff’s All round ranch saddle


Katherine’s Reining Saddle


Jeanette and Sams Ranch Saddle


Ranch Saddle



Mel’s Reining Saddle.



Michelle’s fender saddle

For more on fender saddles please click on the link  above  and go to the Blue Creek Saddles website.

Michelle’s Western Pleasure



Cathy’s Ranch or Everything Saddle



Recently made Fender Saddles – for more detail please go to

Mick’s Team Roper

Leigh’s Ranch Saddle
Made for Ranch riding classes, or everyday riding, mustering, training. Tree design exclusive to Trails End.



Belinda’s All-round Western Saddle
A saddle with a bit of everything for Belinda. Fitted to her Arab for trail, shows, everything. Deep seated with grip, for a short backed horses. All enquiries are welcome anytime.


Rachael’s Reining Saddle

Dear Ian and Sue, I am absolutely thrilled with my new reining saddle. It is absolute perfection and a work of art! I can notice such a difference riding in it already. My horse seems a lot more relaxed and happier and having a thick pad and a saddle that has the pressure off his wither has made a huge difference. I have excellent leg contact now and can do lead departures quite effortlessly and he hasn’t carried on once under saddle. The girth set up is great and I can easily do it up whilst I am on him too. It’s also quite light for a Western saddle and I’m not having any problems putting it on. Thank you for fitting my horse at the Toowoomba Equine Expo so we got the fit just right. You both made the process so easy and I highly recommend your saddles to everyone I speak to. I am very very happy!
Kindest regards, Rachael.

Carrie’s Western Pleasure

Rebecca – daring to be different Barrel Saddle

Zoe’s Saddle

Aimee’s Barrel Saddle

Emily’s Barrel Saddle

Olivia’s Ranch Riding Saddle

Kate’s Western Pleasure

Peters Reining Saddle

Brian’s Saddle


Clinton’s Saddle
(You’ll be taken to the Blue Creek Saddles page for more detail).


Barrel Racer for Kristy


All rounder for Gwen


Courtney’s ‘Timeless’

Darrel’s Premier Fender


Dry Creek Fender ‘Rawhide’


Ruth   &   Patty’s ‘Timeless’

IMG_5015 IMG_5047

Anne   &   John

IMG_4956 IMG_5141

Sue   &  The Twins

IMG_4937 IMG_4890



I make fender saddles too..
Please click here for more pics of this saddle.


IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4640


Evelyn’s Barrel Racer

* Herman Oak leather
* Scolloped skirts
* Tulip embossing
* Made to fit horse and rider
* Amazingly comfortable….

Please click here for more pics of this saddle


IMG_4588 IMG_4580 IMG_4592


Yvonne and Bec’s saddles

These two saddles were an absolute pleasure to make.
* Natural Hermann Oak leather
* Embossing
* Silver conches
* Inlaid suede seat
* Custom hand made trees
* Twist in fenders
* Too many details to list
* Click here for more pics


IMG_4520 IMG_4521 IMG_4533


Adams Reining Saddle
Please click here for more pics of this saddle.
* Brown Hermann Oak leather
* Embossed with oak leaves and basketweave
* JW hardware
* Custom hand made tree


IMG_4466 IMG_4460 IMG_4454


Megs Barrel Racer
* Scolloped skirts
* Printed suede seat
* Custom barrel racing tree
* Engraved barrel racing stirrups
* Hermann Oak leather
* Rough out seat and fenders


IMG_4405 IMG_4400 IMG_4397 IMG_4395


Another very nice saddle to come out of the Trails End workshop.
Unique, customised to the riders and horses needs.

To be used as an everyday, all day saddle.


IMG_4352 IMG_4369 IMG_4358 IMG_4357 IMG_4368 IMG_4363

IMG_4366 IMG_4353 IMG_4357 IMG_4355 IMG_4351

First saddle out of the new workshop.
All round tree, 5″ cantle, 9″ gullet, shorter horn.
Lighter pics are uncoiled, darker is oiled.

Michael wanted a comfortable saddle for some pretty extreme trail riding and wanted to not fall out easily. And she wanted it to be pretty….


 IMG_4228 IMG_4262 IMG_4248 IMG_4257 IMG_4254



An example of an all round western saddle. Ride all day.


IMG_4108 IMG_4107 IMG_4106


The Funky Reining Saddle

Click here for more detail on this unique saddle.


  IMG_3949 IMG_3945 IMG_3961



Congratulations Sandy and Lori, this beautiful saddle was a pleasure to make and we hope you have many happy hours showing in it. Send photos please!!


IMG_2991 IMG_2969 IMG_2983 IMG_2972


Congratulations Sharee, thanks for letting us make this fantastic, one of a kind Barrel Saddle!


IMG_2942 IMG_2952 IMG_2948 IMG_2950


Rachel’s saddle….


IMG_2843 IMG_2852 IMG_2849 IMG_2846


This is Tanya’s saddle.
Ian is getting many enquiries regarding this one, so I thought I’d put it on the front page.
Please call Ian on 0411 772 494 for more details.



IMG_2538 IMG_2527 IMG_2519 IMG_2533

This picture features a cutting saddle made buy Ian a few years ago. It’s on “Dollywood” by Pepewood at Dusty Rivers Stud.
Five to six horses a day, six days a week. Built to last…

dolly & wen 1


Special thanks to Sarah for trusting Ian to produce this work of art…we’ve called it ‘The Sarah Special’.

IMG_3977 IMG_3976

IMG_3970 IMG_3971 IMG_3979 IMG_3974


Eddy and Ian during the hand over of Trails End saddles.

  IMG_3953 IMG_3952

As most of you are probably aware, Eddy and Maryanne Powell have packed up and moved to Texas!

Ian is fully trained by Eddy and was honoured when they approached him to take on the Trials End brand.

Over the years, Trails End saddles have been made by Maryanne Powell, their son Brodie and since mid to late 2012, Ian Huxley of Blue Creek Saddles.
Ian has worked on and off with Eddy for the last number of years during times of greatest need.

We really appreciated your faith in us Eddy!  It’s nice to know that even if you can’t get an Eddy Powell saddle anymore, you can still get a Trails End saddle – the next best thing.