Breakaway Roping/All Round Saddles


Patty’s ‘Timeless’ saddle in action.



Patty’s ‘Timeless’
* New design exclusive to Trails End Saddles
* Designed by Patty, Ian Huxley and Eddy Powell
* Breakaway saddle that allows you to get up and out of the saddle
* No flat loops here…
* Call Ian regarding this saddle 0411 772 494.


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Belinda’s All round saddle


All rounder for Gwen
Small seat for a small lady!

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Courtney’s ‘Timeless’ barrel/breakaway saddle

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All round barrel saddle with a  lower horn.


MichalaCash2 MichalaCash

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An idea All Round saddle – this just one example of the type of saddle you can do just about everything in.
See more examples below.


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Saddle tree specifications: Barrel Racing, Combo Breakaway/Barrel Racer & All Round Saddle trees.

* The Barrel Racer is made to your specifications with 4″, 4 1/2″ or 5″ cantle, and 8″, 8 1/2″ or 9″ gullet and a generous leg cut on the swell.

* The Combo Breakaway/Barrel Racer is as per the Barrel Racer and the horn cap is slightly larger so you can alternate between Breakaway Roping and Barrel Racing.

* All Round saddle tree offers a deep seat giving the rider a central ride and is ideal for every day riding.

* Available in a variety of saddle tree sizes and seat sizes start at 12 1/2″ up to 17″. Weight is approx 14 kg.


IMG_3670 RecordBreaker TurnNBurn IMG_3932 IMG_3977

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