Blue Creek Fender Saddles

Before Trails End saddles, we were Blue Creek Saddles…and still are!
Trials End for westerns, Blue Creek for fenders.

Here is small collection of fender saddle examples made by Ian.
Very little hum-drum..

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IMG_4652 IMG_4632 IMG_4640 IMG_4633

IMG_4279 IMG_4286 IMG_4294 IMG_4283

IMG_3765 IMG_3774 IMG_3771

IMG_3219 IMG_3494 5.19.15 pm IMG_3479 IMG_3489 IMG_3568 IMG_3462 IMG_3224 IMG_3571 IMG_3058 IMG_3045 IMG_3476 IMG_3040 IMG_4071 IMG_3457 IMG_3458 IMG_3490 IMG_2994 IMG_3055 IMG_3454 IMG_3040 IMG_3043 IMG_3626 IMG_3630 IMG_3624 IMG_3214 IMG_3215 IMG_4058 IMG_4067 IMG_4061 IMG_4064