Ranch Riding

The result of so many enquiries regarding Ranch Riding saddles…
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Jeff’s Saddle
Saddle number three for this family. QH bars, first one with maple leaf embossing/carving.
For everyday riding.



Jeanette and Sam’s saddle.
Made for Sam the QH – wide and many years of painful ill fitting western saddles. To the point where the owner had given up riding western altogether and was told she could never fit a western saddle to him. Well I proved that wrong.


Speed’s Ranch Saddle
Made for a VERY wide old fashioned QH.


‘Please make it comfortable and please make it fit my horse’.
Cathy’s Ranch or Everything saddle


Leighs Ranch Saddle
* Made for Leigh to ride in ranch classes, but a good everyday saddle.


Olivia’s Ranch Saddle
* Trails End design, ride all day or show.


Sue’s Ranch Riding Saddle


IMG_4936 IMG_4933 IMG_4928 IMG_4925 IMG_4922

Below is a gallery of saddles clients have had made for either Ranch Pleasure or would be suitable for that event.

IMG_4367 IMG_4104 IMG_3952 IMG_3574 IMG_3183

IMG_2530 ContenderPleasure AstonPleasure IMG_2830 IMG_3301

All enquiries are welcome, call anytime 0411 772 494.