Reining Saddles

Katherine’s Reining Saddle
Very honoured to make a saddle for such an accomplished trainer – Kelderman Performance Horses.



Mel’s Reining Saddle
Made for a hard to fit QH and saddle number two for this rider.



Dear Ian and Sue, I am absolutely thrilled with my new reining saddle. It is absolute perfection and a work of art! I can notice such a difference riding in it already. My horse seems a lot more relaxed and happier and having a thick pad and a saddle that has the pressure off his wither has made a huge difference. I have excellent leg contact now and can do lead departures quite effortlessly and he hasn’t carried on once under saddle. The girth set up is great and I can easily do it up whilst I am on him too. It’s also quite light for a Western saddle and I’m not having any problems putting it on. Thank you for fitting my horse at the Toowoomba Equine Expo so we got the fit just right. You both made the process so easy and I highly recommend your saddles to everyone I speak to. I am very very happy!
Kindest regards, Rachael.

Rachael’s Reining Saddle
* 15 3/4″ seat, QH bars, special reining tree from the Trails End collection
* Inlaid seat for extra depth + deeper than normal seat
* Cut away skirt for close contact
* Herman Oak leather
* Special conches
* Hand carved roses

* All usual inclusion like hamly twist, dyed edges.



Peter’s Reiner
* 16″ seat, QH bars
* Inlaid seat, Hermann Oak leather
* Oak leave/basket weave embossing
* Trails End reining tree 
* Twisted fenders, never lose a stirrup in a manoeuvre
* Happy client, happy Ian call me anytime 0411 772 494 



John’s Reiner
* My own design, exclusive to Trails End Saddles
* Very close contact with a very deep seat
* Call Ian 0411 772 494 regarding this design


IMG_5130 IMG_5137 IMG_5136 IMG_5134 IMG_5133

Adams Reiner

* Brown Hermann Oak leather
* JW hardware
* Custom tree, QH bars
* Oak leaf and basket weave embossing


IMG_4450 IMG_4454 IMG_4470 IMG_4472 IMG_4468 IMG_4466 IMG_4467 IMG_4465 IMG_4464 IMG_4462 IMG_4460 IMG_4459 IMG_4456 IMG_4452 IMG_4451


The Funky Reiner

* completely handmade corner plates, swell plates, conches and tips
* completley custom carving, inlaid seat and overlays
* completely customised from top to bottom
* completely happy with how this one turned out – Ian


IMG_3942 IMG_3946 IMG_3954 IMG_3952 IMG_3960 IMG_3961 IMG_3956 IMG_3951 IMG_3949 IMG_3943 IMG_3963 IMG_3965 IMG_3959 IMG_3963 IMG_3955 IMG_3944 IMG_3941


Reining saddles are classic in style and functional in design.
This one has been specifically designed for narrower stock horse types, rather than your typical quarter horse. All our trees are custom made to enable you to get your perfect fit.

IMG_3574 IMG_3578 IMG_3579 IMG_3585 IMG_3576


Tanya’s saddle – we get many, many wonderful comments on this saddle. The design is simple, dignified, classical. This is the second saddle made by Ian for this rider who is very particular about what she likes and is not afraid to tell us!! But we got it right…

IMG_2518 IMG_2542 IMG_2523 IMG_2533 IMG_2538 IMG_2527 IMG_2521 IMG_2528


Another classically designed reining saddle made by Ian.

IMG_0210 IMG_0207 IMG_0212


The saddles below are from the original Trails End collection designed by Maryanne and Eddy, now available to be made by Ian and can be completely customised to suit your tastes!

BlueRibbonReiner DerbyReiner FuturityReiner Reinsman ShowmanReiner VegasReiner VersatilityREiner HighNoonPleasure