Trail Riding Saddles

A gallery of pictures of saddles made by Trails End Saddles for riders who’s primary focus is trail riding. 
In some cases, we’d call it Extreme Trail Riding….

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Bec and Yvonne’s saddles
Made for mother/daughter riders, one extra wide for horse Clancy who is very wide. Yvonne has had quite a few problems getting saddles to fit Clancy. Both horses (Clancy and Faith) were brought to us and fitted, custom trees were made, Clancy’s being extra wide. Both saddles feature:
* Hermann Oak leather, natural in colour
* Embossing, oak leaves and prairie flower
* Inlaid suede seats for extra depth
* Modified trees with high gullet and cantle for extra depth and security
* Twist in fenders
* Fleece lining
* Dee’s for saddle bags

Please call Ian anytime for more information on any of my saddles.

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