Trails End Tooling Styles

Degree of Tooling

The amount of tooling or embossing is entirely your choice. Generally, embossing is more costly than stamping or tooling as it takes longer to do. Please feel free to call Ian on 0411 772 494 anytime to discuss. Below are our some of Trails End’s great designs

We also do custom designs! Roses, gum leaves and many more.
Ian’s newest flower designs.


Click on the smaller thumbnails below for a closer look at designs.


DOTquarter DOTPlain DOTBorderHubbard DOTBorderDoubleSkirt DOT3quarter DOTFullDOTCorner

DOTAcorn DOTBasketWeave DOTCelticWireMesh DOTINlaidstars DOTLeafBorder DOTOakborderandBasketW DOTPrarieFlower DOTPrarieFlowerandQuilting DOTPrarieFlowerandSpider DOTTulipBorderandBw DOTTulipCrystals DOTWiremesh